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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  June 2, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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actually just to the south dc and just west of annapolis got hit with large hail. but the complex for the video you are going to see in a couple minutes from springfield mass producing multiple tornadoes in massachusetts large hail reports that complex off the coast. thankfully so. we get fresh air building in behind it. and we have ourselves a look at improving conditions but fire weather because the strong winds and dry conditions and all that heat we had with the third day in a row of record. yesterday set at 98. a cool are day today, but the winds will be gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. arnold starts at 73 degrees. 63 bel air. 69 hereford and up towards westminster, that is a sign of an improvement and will get better. we are dry on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. outlook coming up. but we have a check on traffic right now. >> reporter: we are doing okay for the most part traffic wise. not a bad morning. the main highways are doing pretty well. let's look at the beltway 695 at willkins on southwest side. -- wilkins on southwest side.
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inner loop no problems. traffic is flowing freely. we have an accident in the city to tell you about. it's going to be in baltimore city bank street at quintin street bank street at quintin. be aware of that. water main work going on in pikesville. that continues reisterstown road southbound at sudbrook lane. a minute after 6. police found the car but no signs of rodney goggins. the 20-year-old fire recruit has been missing since sunday and his family is worried this morning. linda so joins us with the latest details on this case. linda. >> reporter: well, his family says this is not like rodney at all. just to disappear like he has and not return any phone calls. rodney goggins was reported missing tuesday when he didn't show up for training at the city fire academych the 20-year- old last spoke with his mom sunday night. police say he left his randalls town home and headed to kenwood to visit a friend but never
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made it back. yesterday, police found his buick near the baltimore carroll county line and started toer is n liberty reservoir. they will resume the search in the area where his car was found. goggins has several distinct tattoos. if you have any information onhis whereabouts call 911 right away. linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. a happy ending to a missing person's story a12-year-old girl we told you about yesterday is safe at home this morning. 12-year-old georgia solomon and her family spent nearly two days wondering where she was. police say the girl got off the bus a couple stops early on tuesday morning and didn't go to school that day. that's when the family became concerned. we got a call around 10 last night that she is back home safe and sound with her family. police didn't tell us where the girl had been. a death of another 12-year- old in gaithersburg is investigated as a homicide. jessicawin was found dead in-- jessica win was found dead
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inside her town home. this was trauma to her upper body. a baltimore city police officer's murder trial is underway. in just a few hours a judge will be deciding what happens to officer gee haje at that some by a. sherrie johnson is live outside the courthouse with more. sherrie. >> reporter: yes, in a few hours at 9:30 this morning right here at courthouse east, that trial will resume. it's the case that gained a lot of attention. a baltimore city police officer on trial officer gahiji th sa. mba is charged with killing tyrone brown at a nightclub. a witness to the shooting testified that the victim tyrone brown had his hands up and he was back up begging for his life and told tshamba not to shoot because he had kid. and she says the officer shot
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him 12 towns and the defense says he assault him by punching him and the officer shot him in self-defense. this is a claim the state will try to unravel as well as the attorney representing the marine's family in a separate wrongful death suit. >> there was no aggressiveness on the part of mr. brown. he was in retreat trying to apologize and resolve the dilemma that he was forced into. >> reporter: this trial is expected to last into next week. once again, court resumes again this morning at 9:30. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. despite an animal abuse task force set up in baltimore city, we are still hearing heart wrenching stories about animal abuse happening all too and you. a kitten 12 weeks was found burned and on tuesday now recovering at the barcs shelter. the kitten was discovered in park heights. the tips of his ears burned off and he had no eyebrows
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orwhiskers. vets are mondayoring -- monitoring him closely but say it will take time for him to heal. >> i think the worst of it should be over in three weeks probably. and it will take another month or so to recover. for hair to grow back, where you going? you getting in trouble? for hair to grow back that's at least another month or two. i would say the cat i brought home four months, five months beef was completely normal looking. >> you can't adopt jonah right now. he is going to need more time to get healthy. but if you have any information about who may have done this, set this poor kitten on fire, call animal control 410-396- 4688. many of you are afraid of pit bulls as vicious. but a woman has become an advocate for the breed. she fell in love with a pit
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bull named lauren. she met the dog and wrote a book that talks about tragedies pit bulls face including michael vick's dog fighting ring and the bad reputations that they have. she is making a pit stop in baltimore. they are touring the country talking about the book and how great the breed is. they are going to be in silo point from 6 until 8 if you are interested. they will be there tonight if you want to see them and learn more about the book. new this morning, scary moments for the los angeles angels when the plane actually was forced to make an emergency landing. the delta airline charter flight had mechanical problem and had to land at los angeles international airport. club was returning from kansas city where they lost to the royals. several players tweeted when they land and thanked the crewand thank the crew for getting them on the ground. in one month the african american arts festival will kick off and the mayor held a
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press conference wednesday letting us know what to expect for the weekend. she hopes the festival brings out a lot of people in the city for what hopes to be a busy holiday weekend. >> the african american felt val brings together the community and families to honor the past and celebrate accomplishments and to showcase the future. we need at -- meet at intersection of family, tradition and community. >> charlie wilson one of the celebrities you can expect to see. write it on the calendar. it takes place saturday and sunday july 2nd and 3rd at m and t bank stadium. 41 of the american's best spellers will take the stage today andn hopes of being crowned the champion. the semifinals the national or scripps national spelling bee kicks off late they are morning. the competition was tough and originally 275 contestants and just one day, the field, well, got significantly smaller. two of the contestants they are
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here from maryland. we had nine when it began and the winner receives $40,000 in cash and prizes and last year's winner still in the running. you can watch all the action tonight at 8:30 on espn. severe weather is making headlines this morning. >> absolutely. latest on the deadly tornadoes that rocked springfield massachusetts. we will show you the destruction. he says with a name like weiner, he is often subjected to pranks. he calms down after testy responses to racy tweets sent tofrom his accounts. a reporter has to deal with all kind of problems when they are covering a story. but this might be a new one. the video you will be talking about. before we go anywhere we will head up to new york for a look at latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, new
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concerns the recovery is stalling. those worries led the dow jones to a 280 point loss yesterday. more than 2%. that was the biggest drop in a year and the worst percentage drop in 10 months. europe's top banking regulator is giving timothy geithner an earful. they say the u.s. is not doing enough to curb bonus for bankers unlike europe that restricted rewards for risk take executives. and the court is ordering american airlines to post and sell flights on orbitz. they pulled the listing in a dispute over booking fees and american will comply with the ruling. summer is a good time to buy a car but not this year. buyers have been snapping up all fuel efficient models and japanese vehicles are in short supply after the earthquake so there are not as many incentives. that's america's money. i am peggy bunker. call her.
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news time is 6:12. this just in to the abc2 newsroom live pictures of springfield, massachusetts. more images from the aftermath of the deadly tornado that rocketed town yesterday afternoon. around 4:30, the storms rolled through from 4:30 yesterday afternoon until 8 last night. four confirmed dead right now. again, live images from springfield, massachusetts. that storm rocked once again parts of new england. rescue operations are underway in western massachusetts after a spree of the deadly tornadoes ripped through the bay state. more severe weather is rumbling towards millions of machines along the east coast from virginia up to maine and this morning john hendron has the report. >> reporter: it's a rare sight, far north of tornado alley several deadly twisters swirled
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through massachusetts. a state that hasn't seen one since 2008. >> this is historic. this is the first tornado we had. >> reporter: several are dead, others left stuck in the cars trapped by downed power lines. >> the house is flattened and we ran down the basement and were holding on to the water pipes and everything was shake. >> reporter: tens of thousands were left without electricity. >> there's trees down everywhere. there's cars flipped over. parts of roofs are even ripped off parts of buildings are down. >> reporter: massachusetts gets an average of two tornadoes a year. last lethal twister was in 1995. >> i was thinking what they were saying last week, it was the end of the world. he said it didn't come last week but it came now. >> reporter: one cyclone peeled off roofs and this is what's left of town hall. the steeple in the first congregational church toppled. >> we went into the seller -- cellar and prayed. >> reporter: viewers snapped photos from the backyards and highway as the twister pushed
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east. >> in missouri official say everyone has been reported -- officials sayyone that has been reported miss -- say everyone that has been reported missing has been accounted for. state highway patrol tracked down 207 people originally listed -- 270 people originally listed as unaccounted for as a result of the tornado. now maryland's most power fop doll lar radar and the -- powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> we are going to go back live to the helicopter footage over springfield, massachusetts. that is story charley was talking about. impressive setup through the heart of downtown in the middle of new england. you saw the video with that twister rolling over the connecticut river. peeling away the roof top of very old buildings. and as you can see, this destruction widespread there literally tens of thousands of people without power or homeless. charley was talking about it close to 20,000 people homeless. and look at that destruction.
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i mean, we may find the death tally going up today as they continue to assess the damage and, of course, the national weather service will go out there and investigate to term how strong those winds were. there's the tornado report counting up at least 7 reports into the storm prediction center. some may be multiple, but needless to say in attention to -- in addition wild spread hail including massachusetts. even back towards new york and pennsylvania and new jersey. we had some just around the d.c. area and storms fading away right before they hit annapolis. we missed them here in baltimore but we got the benefit of a change in the air mass. the uv index instead of the extreme they will be there. at least we will be in the high range. uv index up to burn time around 10 to 15 minutes a little bit of an improvement from where we were yesterday. a lot of sunshine and temperatures now out of the 60s pushing back to 70 here in baltimore. the sun shahs been up for a half -- sun has been up for a
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half an hourch the source of the air is coming from the north. -- hour. the source of the air is coming from the north. harbor school i will be there talking about the weather and we have stuff to talk about. they are at 73 in the state capital. check out the hour by hour forecast. winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour. that's the fresh air mass building in. and there's a fire threat with all the dry conditions we have had and temperatures up to 85. that's actually shaving about 10 to 15 degrees off yesterday's numbers. we will feel so much better. by the way high pressure is in control with the strong gusty winds protecting us from the parting front in the next weather system in the up upper midwest. -- upper midwest. the winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. how do you like the temperatures. tomorrow look for a high of 82 -- looking for a high of 82 and slight chance of a thundershower for the afternoon. tonya. >> reporter: we are doing okay on the jfx and harrisburg.
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the beltway is is fine. heading to the eastern shore, or coming back, let's check 50 no problems. couple incidents to tell you about. we have baltimore city still work an accident at bank street at quintin. that's just north of eastern avenue. also water main work continues reisterstown southbound at sudbrook lane that has the right lane blocked. 795 out of reisterstown is moving smoothly. no doubt about it, it is a hazard that reporters face in their profession. >> yeah, sometimes when you are interviewing people, other people want to join in and be a part of it. take a look. >> speaking foreign language ] >> okay. that was a cat, a dog and. >> i heard a pig. >> and a pig. so we don't understand what the interviewed subject is saying
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because it's not phased by the guy who comes up behind him. there's a good chance the animal noises were edited out before they put it on television. >> well, who knows. he sure did look sele. if you watch -- silly. if you watch grey's anatomy, prepare for a possible change. >> which of the main characters that says next season could be the last and he could be leaving for good. and then he circled the field so everybody could see him doing it. he should have yelled out hey, andrew here comes daddy. >> the governor in hot water this morning for the expensive mode of transportation to a little league game. how much did the flight cost taxpayers? and time for birthdays and a special happy birthday to ismael who plays lacrosse at miami university of ohio. this from all of your family and friends ismael, happy birthday. and this is the newest
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family member of abc2 news. take a look at the gorgeous carter preston mitchum. son of our multimedia journalist who was born last night just before 8:00. and little carter we are told weighs 7 pounds and 8 ounces. mom and dad and baby are doing fine. congratulations to the mitchum family. >> he is cute. also we have a picture of the day from marty dawkins a bird that she raised from birth. it's a pet that she raised from just a very wee baby out in martinsville. >> if you have an announcement or birthday or anniversary to -- for us to mention, send it to us and we will pass it along to everybody else.
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now "good morning maryland." 6:22. live pictures again this morning.
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springfield massachusetts where another deadly tornado has rpped across a u.s. city. this one -- ripped across a u.s. city. this has killed four confirmed dead many more injured. this again live images from a dramatic tornado yesterday afternoon in springfield, massachusetts. >> the cleanup will be on today. a lot of crews are going in to help out the people including100 members of the national guard. the governor called on them to come in and help out. so those are the pictures we will be seeing for a couple days now as the community in springfield, massachusetts recovers from a terrible tornado that hit the community. all right. coming up in a bit, it was a terrifying balloon journey that captivated the nation for several hours. and became more interesting when we found out the balloon boy was pokesp. -- hoax. now his father wants to do with the famous mode of transportation. we will find out what. clear clear. what do you want -- what do you want? what do you want? >> terrifying 911 call. a woman was in her bedroom with her son when an intruder broke
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in. coming up, we will listen to the moments he he tries to breakdown her door. the police officer on trial for murder i am sherrie johnson. coming up, reaction to megsal within testimony. -- emotional witness testimony. call her. ok. [ cellphone rings ] hey. you haven't left yet.
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now "good morning maryland." an emotional start to the case of the baltimore police officer accused of killing a war veteran outside a nightclub. what a witness said the victim was doing when he was shot. family, friends and the baltimore city fire department right now trying to find a recruit who disappeared over the weekend. where they found his car and how it raises more questions this morning. and yet another animal abuse case in baltimore city. what happened to a kitten and how long it will take for the kitty to heal. that and much more coming up on this thursday, june 2nd. good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. let's get to meteorologist justin berk and a check on the weather. finally cooldown. >> finally. three days in a row a calculated combined temperature of 293 degrees. just for argument sake. doesn't mean anything more than that. just a little math lesson. 98 now is standing twice that we hit this week and we won't be close to this day's record high. that's good news. 70 in baltimore.
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we dropped back briefly in the 60s and still in the 60s north and west. the cool air has not made it to the delmarva. you are sitting at 73 and we are sitting underneath mostly clear skies. the wind picked up out of the northwest. you will notice a few clouds back into the mountains and a drop in the humidity. and our hour by hour forecast a marked improvement from where we were yesterday. instead of hitting 9 0 by noon. 80 by noon. 82 the two degree guaranteed high. but winds up to 40 miles an hour. dropping the humidity but a windy day and temperatures above normal. but better than yesterday. we will have the weekend outlook in a minute. here's traffic. >> reporter: temperatures in the car are bet are than -- better than yesterday a beautiful day for a -- yesterday. a beautiful day for a drive. let's look at top side 695 at providence road, a little heavier. traffic on outer loop is very light traffic on the inner loop. we have an accident in the city. it's going to be bank street at quintin north of eastern
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avenue. that's been there for a little bit. it's going to be in the cleanup stages. so you don't have to worry about that. and your free commuting between the baltimore beltway and capital beltway. charley. >> thanks a lot. the trial continues for the former bolt pore city police officer a-- baltimore city police officer accused of killing a war veteran. sherrie johnson is live with details of what we can expect today and reaction from yes in the trial. >> reporter: the trial resumes this morning and some of the folks there yesterday said this has been a very disturbing and emotional trial. a baltimore city police officer handlingee tshamba is charged with killing tyrone brown. a woman at the club testified that the victim tyrone brown had his hands up and he was back up begging for his life


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